Take 2 of dating and dessert…

This week is brought to you by…cheesecake. People like cheesecake. It is versatile and it seems like a good idea. There is a nice crust, giving the impression of stability. The cheese is good and not overly sweet.

M is a cheesecake. M seems like a good idea. He is a little outside My comfort zone, but that can be a good thing, right? He asks good questions. He’s been at the same job for 30 years.  Stable.  Until he isn’t, like you opened the oven while the cheesecake was baking and it fell down.

Several days of texts, with a date set to meet, M remembers that he is still in love with his girlfriend, the one he had before he was married   No, he hasn’t talked to her in 25 years, but it’s definitely the right time to reach out to her. Never should have been on a dating website, he says. Want to be honest with you.  (Maybe fruitcake would have been a better choice!)

That’s when I remember the reasons I don’t eat cheesecake- cheesecake is very dense.  Oh and I’m lactose intolerant. Duh. What was I thinking.

Nevertheless, the right cheesecake can make you smile, at least temporarily; give this one a try. I recommend only a few bites, cheesecake is good in very small doses to remind you that there are lots of other desserts you may like a lot better!


Food network’s basic cheesecake recipe is great place to start.  Then experiment…Add chocolate chips or peanut butter,  instead of vanilla extract try almond or lemon extract.  I personally don’t think this needs a topping, unless you want to use some fresh strawberries or raspberries. Enjoy




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